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About us

 My name is Ann and I started Succulent Friends in 2019, after a hectic experience trying to Christmas shop for my family. I wanted something cute yet personal and thoughtful. After days of endless searching, I found myself at a local nursery. The owner was showing some customers how to arrange succulents and I asked if I could join them. Hours later, I left that nursery with succulent arrangements and plants for my family! Soon, my whole apartment was filled with succulent arrangements and I needed a way to get rid of them so that I could arrange more! My husband suggested that I sell them online and that's how it all began 

 Succulent Friends has since expanded to offer fine products and goods from other female-owned businesses. I wanted this to be a tribe of strong women supporting women and see where that takes us. You will not leave with boring, cookie-cutter gift boxes--that's for sure. Life is a grand occasion and I believe in celebrating every single moment in style.